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Child Protection Case Management

 A coordinated service delivery approach at the individual and household levels, involving the identification of vulnerable children, assessment and planning, referral to services and follow up, in collaboration with the extended family, community and other service providers.

Some vulnerable children on Direct support at Milala in Traditional Authority Mwambo supported by Tony.






Case Management System Nested in the Child Protection System

The case management system by Malawi children can function only when it is connected to, and supported by, the larger Child Protection System. Each system component contains

Functions: Laws, policies and frameworks

Process of Care: Methods of intervention

Structure: Organizations & roles of duty bearers

Accountability: Grievance procedures, Data collection, Monitoring & evaluation

Continuum of Care: Range and scope of services made available

Capacities: Human resources, Financial resources, Infrastructure and material supports


The Role of Case Management in the Child Protection System

In order to provide effective services to children at risk of abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation, the Malawi children has recognized the need for a holistic child protection system. In keeping with the global trend, the holistic Child Protection System Model that has been adopted by Malawi has six ‘components’ that are interlocked together to create a holistic system that can address child protection issues.  Case management is one of the core services in the Process of Care component of the larger Child Protection System. In addition, case management is a key method that brings together all of the other components to actually deliver services on the ground at the individual and household levels, as a foundational function of the system.