How to Donate

Thanks to technology, we can share our story from the remote Southern region of Malawi.  Until now, we have been unable to show you our efforts and welcome your help.  Thankfully we have been found.  We are grateful to Vitamin Angels for discovering us.  With their involvement, we gained the trust of a financial supporter and were inspired to apply for the Global Giving Open Challenge.  Global Giving is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Washington D.C. that finds and researches remote relief efforts that otherwise go unknown.  Once underwritten, qualifying organizations are given Global Giving’s trusted stamp of approval and a worldwide platform for online fundraising.

In order to secure a permanent position on Global Giving, we must raise at least $5,025 and receive individual donations from at least 40 people by March 16th , 2015.  This is the Global Giving Open Challenge and we need your help!  Below is a link to our Care for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children project page on  Thank you for your generosity