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Hello, my name is Victor Julius and I serve as the Chairman of the Board of the Registered Trustees of the Childcare Organization of Malawi.

Nobody really preached to me but the conviction of the Holy Spirit was so strong on my heart… I realised I was a sinner in need of salvation.  Then i gave my life to Christ Jesus to be Lord over me.  I had to deny the pleasures of life and  give my time to God.  Then I said to Jesus, my life is a sacrifice to you… Oh Lord! Not my will but thine be done.


Concern for children has been the fundamental cornerstone upon which the Ministry  Malawi children project  formerly known as Childcare Organization has been built.  A personal encountering in 2013 with a young Malawian named Mokita Mbendera moved Tony DelDotto to give $1,000 per quarter of his own personal funds so that Children at risks might have the basic necessities of life.   Malawi Children Project was born with that $ 1,000 per quarter. Today Malawi Children assists more than 63 children in more than 10 Child Protection case Management programs dedicated to caring for the Mokita Mbendera of this country. It was  compassion for a child , which led Victor Julius to write on flyleaf of the the Bible” let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God”

One of the the things which “break the heart of God ” is the growing exploitation of children around the world. In response to this Childcare Organization has launched Child Protection Case Management as a service delivery approach to arranging and coordinating care, protection and justice for a child vulnerable to violence, abuse ,exploitation and neglect. It is a collaborative process of assessment, planing, facilitation, coordination and advocacy for orphans and services to meet individual care, protection and justice for children vulnerable to violence abuse and exploitation and neglect and the impacts of HIV and AIDS.

Childcare Organization will do more than minister to the needs of children who are suffering. We will also work for justice that seeks to change the unjust structures affecting the poor with whom we work. We cannot remain silent when we face the shame of what is being done to the children who are the springboard of our ministry. We must cry out with righteous indignation.  All children are created in the image of God and therefore every child born into the world has a God given right to physical, mental and spiritual protection.


Victor and family