EVEN THE STRONGEST CHILD CAN BE WEIGHED DOWN: Audine Linje, from Elliot Village aged 14 years at Chiphoola Primary School experienced different problems as i grow and develop. I was overwhelmed by problems, particularly when i was facing with many challenges at the same time. I gratefully acknowledge the support being given from American People through Childcare Organization Malawi.


CHILDREN IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES: Iam Lackson Ketulo aged 9 years , Grade 6 at Chiphoola primary school, living in extreme poverty, facing a lot of problems and sometimes i tend to behave in different ways that affect those around me and the entire village. But i thank childcare Organization for recognizing me as i was struggling with problems and given me the right kind of support they got from United States of America.


THE ROAD OF DANGER: Starford Jumbe aged 8 years, Grade 3 from Milliot Village at Chiphoola Primary school faced greater challenges from birth that made my personal development , family and community also being affected. Childcare organization Malawi acknowledge me that i need help and support, after being offered a psychosocial support and being given a direct support i return to the main road from the road of danger and am not being given up.