Children’s Corner exist 4 centers in the community providing vital care, support and protection for children aged 6- 18 years outside of the school setting. Acting as a focal point and link for all orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) related intervetions, these centers offer children especially OVC, a safe environment in which to play, receive counseling by peers and volunteers, and participate in life skills.

Orphans and other Vulnerable Children have identified psychosocial care and support as a major promoting linkages of Children’s Corner and Community based childcare center with schools, Home based care volunteers, Youth and other community support groups ensure that referrals can be made to access all available interventions so that children receive a holistic package of care, support and protection.
With the greatest number of orphan and other vulnerable children falling in the 10-18 year age group, children’s corner play an important role deliverling the type of intervention reguired for OVC’s no longer in school


Children Receiving a Holistic Care, Support and Protection