EVEN THE STRONGEST CHILD CAN BE WEIGHED DOWN: Audine Linje, from Elliot Village aged 14 years at Chiphoola Primary School experienced different problems as i grow and develop. I was overwhelmed by problems, particularly when i was facing with many challenges at the same time. I gratefully acknowledge the support being given from American People through Childcare Organization Malawi.


CHILDREN IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES: Iam Lackson Ketulo aged 9 years , Grade 6 at Chiphoola primary school, living in extreme poverty, facing a lot of problems and sometimes i tend to behave in different ways that affect those around me and the entire village. But i thank childcare Organization for recognizing me as i was struggling with problems and given me the right kind of support they got from United States of America.


THE ROAD OF DANGER: Starford Jumbe aged 8 years, Grade 3 from Milliot Village at Chiphoola Primary school faced greater challenges from birth that made my personal development , family and community also being affected. Childcare organization Malawi acknowledge me that i need help and support, after being offered a psychosocial support and being given a direct support i return to the main road from the road of danger and am not being given up.




Child Development has shown that the first years of life are critical for development: Up to 80% of both brain development takes place in the first two years alone.


With funding from  JoAnn Pooton, the CBCC ensures eraly psychosocial stimulation and exploratory sensory play that promote brain development in the early years.


God’s Will Community Based Childcare Center focuses on holistic development that includes, physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual aspects, aiming to prepare children for formal schooling and productive adult lives.


The Community Based Childcare Center encouraged and began as a national response to the spread of malnutrition which resulted in high child mortality. With support from American People this Center Based approach has since grown and is providing care and support to many orphans and other vulnerable children in Malawi, Zomba , District.