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Bridget Kaisi, 11 Yr, Grade 7

Bridget Kaisi 11 Years, grade 7

Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way you can fight poverty.

Become a Childcare Organiztion child Sponsor today- and change a

child’s world for good.


Hope Matope, 10 Yr, Grade 4

Hope Matope. 10 years, grade 4.

Charity Maluwa, 12 Yr, Grade 7

Charity Maluwa, 12 Years , Grade 7

Patrick Chifunga, 12 Yr,Grade 7

Patrick Chifunga, 12 years, grade 7




The first years of a child’s life are critical to his or her development and a sacred trust of the community.

” Create the desire and basis for lifelong learning that will bring thoughtfully active, socially and environmentally responsible members into our local community.” The community is happy with the support from ‘Mary Johnson’ through Malawi Children.org.




Without supporters like Nicole Patterson we would not be able to achieve all the work we do, helping disabled children and their families across Zomba District. Get involved with Childcare Organization and make a difference to children and families.