The number of Child headed households is increasing, causing greater vulnerability amongst all members as they loss the safety net that a traditional family can provide. Childcare Organization provide a safe place for these orphans .



Father, you created me and put me on earth for a purpose. Jesus, you died for me and called me to complete your work. Holy spirit, you help me to carry out the work for which I was created and called. In your presence and name- Father, Son and Holy spirit-I begin my meditation. May all my thoughts and inspirations have their origin in you and be directed to your glory.




Jane Drinkwalter manufacturer, Nexgen Pharma of USA with an Orphaned Child.

Children develop at their own pace, but they all pass through a similar and identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive, social , emotional stages  of growth and change.

Refrecting this development sequence, Manthimba Community Based Childcare Center ‘s interventions are being implemented according to distinct developmental age groups.



Mr Howard Schiffer with Sungeni Saize at Namithethe Community Based Childcare Center during Vitamin A Supplementation on 11th June 2013, Milliot Village, Group Village Headman Nambesa, Traditional Authority Mwambo, Zomba District.







Mbalu Community Based Childcare center providing early learning and stimulation during the first few years of life.

Mbalu CBCC


The president of Vitamin Angels Mr. Howard Schiffer, Jane Drinkwalter the Manufacturer , Nexgen Pharma cheering Orphans and other vulnerable children at Mteche Village , Group village Headman Nambesa , Traditional Authority Mwambo



Orphans and other Vulnerable Children accessing essential health and nutrition services at Aquid Life Line  Based Childcare Center in Traditional Authority Mwambo, Group Village Headman Chirunga.









Health Service Providers administering high dose of Vitamin a supplementation in the field



Childcare organization organize forums for articulating problems experienced by orphans and other vulnerable children. facilitating the commemoration of events for children and families at community level, open debate and discussions on legal issues concerning orphans and vulnerable children through appropriate forums and the media at all levels and sensitization children on their rights and responsibilities.



Three to Five:

At this age the child is able to be separated from the family and go to an Early childhood development center. Interventions at this stage include stimulation and learning, exploratory play, protection and psychosocial support, growth monitoring, nutrition support and preparation for primary school. Parent support programs continue to be vital


Grow and develop to their full Potential

Promoting an environment in which orphans and other vulnerable children are adequately cared for, supported and protected physically, materially, socially,spiritually and legally to and develop to their full potential.


JOL NYANYAChildren at Namithethe CBCC are waiting to receive Nutritious food

Children at Namithethe Community Based childcare center waiting to receive Nutritious food after Early learning and child stimulation which is essential for child mental and physical development.


Mbalu Community Based Childcare Center children being supported with School Uniforms




“Iam an orphan. Iam able to go to school because of childcare organization has put me on bursary scheme but i have problems to access textbooks and exercise books and a uniform

Kasawala, 14 years, Chiphoola Community day secondary schoolOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“I have to look after myself and find my own food, school fees and soap. I keep thinking about what my future will be like.”