OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Iam across each time I notice people poke fun at my poverty especially when iam reminded that i fail to go to school because i cannot access money. I have no peace of mind in view of discrimination that i experience.” However iam thankful childcare organization for supporting me with school fees and school shoes.

Abraham Mazungwi, Form 2, Chiphoola Community Day secondary school,

On bursary scheme by Childcare Organization


Children’s Corner exist 4 centers in the community providing vital care, support and protection for children aged 6- 18 years outside of the school setting. Acting as a focal point and link for all orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) related intervetions, these centers offer children especially OVC, a safe environment in which to play, receive counseling by peers and volunteers, and participate in life skills.

Orphans and other Vulnerable Children have identified psychosocial care and support as a major promoting linkages of Children’s Corner and Community based childcare center with schools, Home based care volunteers, Youth and other community support groups ensure that referrals can be made to access all available interventions so that children receive a holistic package of care, support and protection.
With the greatest number of orphan and other vulnerable children falling in the 10-18 year age group, children’s corner play an important role deliverling the type of intervention reguired for OVC’s no longer in school


Children Receiving a Holistic Care, Support and Protection


C-IMCI ensures that orphans and other vulnerable have essential health and nutrition services, specifically complementary feeding and sustained breastfeeding, micronutritients/growth monitoring and de-worming, Malaria prevent/bednents, Home health practices and also ensuring that orphans and other vulnerable children are accessing other aspects of essential health package like, mental and social development, hygiene and sanitation, feeding and giving fluid during illness, treatment of accidents and and injuries.IMG_1722


Aceess and Equity ( Center- based ECD services offered at Ana ndi Athu Community Based Childacre CenterEducation Support
Is one of the most relevant and effective methods of progressing the live of 100 Orphans and other vulnerable children especially for girls since they are at greatest risk of being denied due to insufficient resources at household levels. Also require ongoing assistance to pay school fees and materials, uniforms and food inorder to complete both primary and secondary education. Childcare Organization support 100 Orphans and other Vulnerable children with School bursries, providing school supplies like uniforms, notebooks.



IMG_1678Vitamin A Supplementation

Vitamin A is essential to immune function especially in children under five who are most vulnerable to common infections and diseases. Together with health advocates worlwideVAS, distribution of vitamin A has helped reduce the estimated number of deaths in children under five from 16 million in 1970 to less than 8 million annually in 2010.

With an estimated 190 million children under five suffering from vitamin A deficiency (VAD) worldwide, the rate of infants and children contracting such common diseases as measles, malaria, diarrhoea and acute respiratory tract infections is dangerously high. Battling these illnesses with weakened immune systems, a consequence of VAD, and results in too many young lives cut short.

A proven solution to VAD is at our fingertips. Vitamin A supplementation is simple, cost-effective, and together with zinc supplementation was ranked by a group of world-renowned economists as the top international priority for addressing the world’s greatest global development challenges. Unlike other treatments, one high-dose vitamin A capsule can provide one child with sufficient vitamin A for six months. This alone can reduce under-five child mortality by about 24% in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency. It can also help prevent and reverse one of the most severe effects of VAD, xerophthalmia, a disorder of the eye that can lead to permanent blindness.